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  • Welcome to the Wolfle Speech Therapy page!

    Speech-Language Pathologists:
    Stuart Wakefield                                   Molly Andersen                            
     Stuart Wakefield                                                Molly Kraft           
     E-mail: swakefield@nkschools.org                   E-mail: mkraft@nkschools.org 
     Wolfle Speech Office phone: 360-396-3722     Wolfle Speech Office phone: 360-396-3721    

    Speech & Language Therapy
    What is Speech & Language Therapy?  Speech Therapy helps kids who need it to work on
    their communication skills so they are successful in school.  Specific skills worked on include:
    speaking clearly, listening with understanding, forming and using complete-grammatically correct sentences verbally.  Other skills worked on in Speech Therapy include speech fluency (decreasing stuttering) and correct voice use when recommended by a family physician or ear-nose-throat doctor. 
    Here at Wolfle we also work with the Beginning Together Preschool sessions and the Wolfle Head Start Preschool, as well as the Intensive Support Program.  We currently have two Speech Therapists on site: Molly Andersen-Kraft and Stuart Wakefield. 
    Most important - we work on communication skills in a fun atmosphere through learning activities and games.  Often times students are sad to find out that they've completed our program! 
    Click here for information on the Special Education programs at Wolfle.  
    Click here for the NKSD Special Education home page.

    Last Modified on January 27, 2016