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  • AGATE Online Resources
    The following resources are provided as a sample list of activities and program which may generate interest for highly capable students as well as all kids.  NKSD does not endorse specific programs and websites, though these are provided to encourage you to explore possible resources on your own.
    Blooms Taxonomy and Questioning Stategies
    Brain Teasers and Puzzles 
    Spelling and Sight Word
    Independent Projects
    Problem Solving and Cooperative Programs (including Micro Society)
    Brain Teasers and Puzzles:  
    A daily list of games, puzzles, and fun activities at all levels
    An extensive list of brain teasers for all levels.
    Brain Games (from AARP ... yes, AARP!): 
    Contests and Reward Programs:
    Book Adventure Club: See below in Reading 
    Contests in a Variety of Subject Areas:  
    Kids are motivated by games and contests.  In fact, most students love to learn and play especially when there are prizes at stake.  The following website presents the most comprehensive list of contests anywhere for all ages and interests. Though it comes from the Hoagie website, a gifted ed site, most of the activities would be worthwhile for all students.   

    This k-8 program is one of the best independent learning systems on line for kids across the learning spectrum; it generates an instructional program following initial assessment tests.  Great for all levels of learning.  And it requires NO teacher guidance for it generates the instruction based upon assessment.  The cost is still a deal when you consider $40 per student for a 12 month subscription.  Check it out ...
    Ebooknet resources:
    Great support resource toward MASTERY and REINFORCEMENT online for computational skills as well as core concepts.  This is a K-12 resource.  The downside: It does not have a "tracking-recording" system for student achievement and record keeping.

    Another successful online math program which is used in many NKSD classrooms.  This is a very cost effective program for teachers if classroom sets purchased.
  K-8 program; an Independent Online learning system.  This is a great resource for EXTENSIONS when students are needing something different.  The program will require minimum teacher guidance to lead the instruction.  The cost is around $120 for 10 students. See AGATE coach for additional information.
    List of Math Competitions:
    Art of Problem Solving:  A high end resource with free and for pay resources ....
    Educontest: More on the calculation side of math but effective.
    Homeschool Math Resources:  Gobs of wonderful resources for kids to excel and experience math ...
    Purple Comet: Contests for Middle and High School Math Students (or High Elementary ....)
 The newest and probably most engaging website found; providing competitions for students.  The website highlights:  "Students learn math by playing short games against classmates. Students work hard to earns coins to buy gear for their avatar." 
    TutPup: Online math competition program that is free:  Leans toward computation ....
    Virtual Manipulatives: 
    This is an absolute computer-based dream website intergrating math manipulatives and online learning.  Your kids with visual-spatial gifts and interests will love this.  The site breaks down the subsections into instructional strands we are all familiar with.  Have fun!
    MATH FORUM: amazing resources for teachers ....
    This is one of the best MATH resources I have EVER Seen and it works on ALL LEVELS.
    - Look at the Ken Ken and all the other websites for resources
    MATH FORUM: Problem of the Week:
    - Includes Math Fundamentals, Algrebra, Geometry ...
    Your access code is:
    AGATE (capitals) username
    agate (lowercase) password
    Reading Resources:

    Book Adventure Club:
    One of the best free resources that inspires and motivates reading through on-line comprehension questions addressing thousands of titles across all genres.  As the students take tests, they earn points for prizes.  This is a fun way to reinforce reading.
    Reading Extension Idea List: 

    Literature Circles:

    From THEORY to PRACTICE including lists of books (Newbury, Caldicott ..)

    Book Reports, Book Covers, Book Talks ...


    Book Cover extension activities including on-line cover creator


    Book Review Sites for Kids to write their own reviews (builds in meaning):


    Book Talks: A great follow up activity created by Random House


    Create your own Staple-less Book Activity (great extension for kids to write a sequel)


    Everything related to Literacy and Reading in forms and the kitchen sink:


    Inclusive All in One site with a zillion links:



    How to write a Book Report (for students) at Middle School and High School Tutorial


    On Line Book Report Sandwich by Scholastic:


    On Line Book Report Project Step by Step by Random House:


    On Line Book Report Form by Quia (may require a membership)


    Pop-Up Book Report Project and Rubric


    Rubric for Book Reports thru Power Point:


    Student On Line Publishing activities in all genres:


    Upper Elementary and Middle School: “Selling Books” Critical Thinking Project:

    This is a great project where kids brainstorm and propose alternative locations selling books: check this out:
    Independent Projects:
    With Spring, we have a MOTIVATION ISSUE throughout the classrooms.  The novelty of school is wearing thin.  So we need to think about something different and project-based learning is a good way to go for kids who are INDEPENDENT.

    Night of the Notables: This is a blast! Students are provided a rich research experience highlighting historical characterization, creative expression, and an element of drama.  Basically, the Night of the Notables project culminates in an evening program where parents and family members are invited to meet and greet the "notables"; famous people of science, history, culture, or whatever theme you are seeking to reinforce.  Here are a few templates to work with:

    Kathy Schrocks Assessment and Rubric resource for everything and anything "rubric":
    LEARNING CONTRACTS (independent):
    Online Learning Contract template and Contract Maker:
    Creating Newspapers 

    Writing a Newspaper Step by Step Process: John Hopkins

    Online Newspapers Project: A great start ....

    Sample Online Newspapers: FYI ...

    The NEWSDAY Project: Creating a newspaper with support

    An Established SCHOOL NEWSPAPER Program: From beginning to end … publishing

    Thinking BIG!  A Journalism Contest for Online Newspapers …

    Spelling & Sight Word Resources:

    On line for independent reinforcement at home and school ...
    A free spelling program with advertisements.  Well designed but it may prove to be too unyielding due to the advertisements.
    Spelling City may be a great site for teachers who are developing their own lists; games are assigned to the lists.  But it also features standard lists. 
    This is a well designed GAME site with adjustable lists via grade level and tests.  The system records student performance and may be the best program out there.

    Site is an excellent learning tool for children who just beginning of the process of learning sight words. Organized by grade level, each Dolch list on this site allows the user to hear the word read aloud by clicking on it.

    Kid-friendly interactive site is “Sight Words with Samson”. An animated dog takes children through a series of activities aimed at helping them learn sight words. Each is full of great visual and auditory support for learning.


     Problem Solving and Cooperative Learning Programs:
    Destination Imagination
    Destination ImagiNation engages young people from preschool through university level with the promise of creating their own unique solutions to a variety of Challenges. In solving a Challenge, the teams learn and apply new skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and critical and creative thinking skills while having fun as a team. Each Challenge can be directly connected to national educational learning standards and to the Washington State Learning Standards and Goals.
    Future Problem Solvers of WA State:
    Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) provides tools and strategies for students needing to face the challenges of today and the future. There are a variety of ways in which students can participate in the FPSPI program through the WA FPS Affiliate.

    Micro Society: (A schoolwide or classroom economy system)

    One of the most motivational learning programs available; takes learning to a whole new meaning for it builds upon interest, real world economics, and captures the gift within each child.  A fantastic program for the classroom or whole school. 


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