September 2017

September 2017

Dear NKSD community, 

The bulletin boards are decorated, the lesson plans are made, the buses are lined up at the bus barn, and classrooms are organized and ready. Happy New Year to our families and staff! 

For all educators, this time of year is filled with anticipation, hard work, and a lot of excitement. On Monday, August 28th, we welcomed back all of our faculty at an all-district gathering. During our time together on the 28th, I talked with the team about providing extraordinary care for students and for one another as colleagues. We also talked about being "ALL IN" for our students, meaning that we are dedicated to doing our best to provide a quality learning experience and a safe, welcoming learning environment for all students in NKSD. I also shared a big goal for this year: I will visit each and every classroom at least once before the school year ends in June 2018. I am excited to see the excellent teaching and learning in our district in the coming months! 

Many parents ask us about how they can best support their student during the school year. My answer? Please help ensure that your student is at school all day every school day. The research repeatedly demonstrates that attendance is very closely related to increased student achievement and long-term student success. Building those attendance habits are critical for all students, and the start of the year is a perfect time to set and maintain great attendance habits. September is "Attendance Awareness Month," and our schools will be participating in a national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of student attendance. The first and most important step to successful learning is for students to be present in the classroom. 

During the past week, the energy and enthusiasm for the upcoming year has been palpable. Our teachers and staff are just as excited as our students for this year to begin! There has been a flurry of activity as teachers and staff prepare their classrooms and lessons for Wednesday. Speaking of preparations for the upcoming year, I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank our hardworking maintenance team and our team at the Student Support Center for their many hours of dedicated work this summer. Due to their efforts, students, schools, and faculty will be well prepared for the year ahead.  

I will be visiting all ten schools next week, and I look forward to the opportunity to meet your students as I visit classrooms and help out at our schools across the district. We look forward to welcoming you on September 6th. Happy New Year! 


In partnership,

Dr. Laurynn Evans


North Kitsap School District