July 2017

July 2017 

Dear NKSD families, parents, and community members, 

I am honored, humbled and excited to join the outstanding team of educators in NKSD. My husband and I have settled into our home here in North Kitsap, and I am ready and eager to engage in the good work on behalf of our students and schools. We feel incredibly fortunate to live and learn in a thriving community that has consistently demonstrated strong support for our schools. 

As I begin my time here in North Kitsap, I am doing a lot of listening and learning. I have heard many people talk about the importance of relationships and trust as well as the importance of cultivating possibilities for our students. As I reflect on what I have heard, I believe our path to success will be built on a foundation of extraordinary care.  Extraordinary care means that we care deeply for our students and for one another - that we invest in the people around us and each of us are "all in" as members of our school community. Extraordinary care happens when we foster meaningful, positive, and authentic relationships with one another that are focused on supporting our students. Extraordinary care also means that we care deeply about how we do what we do, meaning that we continue seeking out ways to deliver high-impact instruction for each student in a personalized way and we strive to continuously improve in our work. When schools have a culture of extraordinary care, we open wide the doors of possibility for our learners. 

While NKSD families enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday, we are busily preparing for the start of the 2017-2018 academic year. We are hiring for various positions, we are analyzing data to help us move our work on the strategic plan and strategic priorities forward, we are finalizing our budget, and we are researching and discussing how we can continue to improve the teaching and learning environment in North Kitsap. I am also meeting with several stakeholders both in the district and in the community to help me learn more about NKSD and how we might best navigate the path ahead.

As we move forward, I will be providing updates on our work, upcoming plans, and sharing important information with you on a regular basis. Please continue to check our website for this information! I look forward to working with the great team in NKSD and to partnering with our local community to meet our mission of empowering our students to be competent, creative, compassionate, and contributing citizens. 

In partnership,

Dr. Laurynn Evans