November 2017

Setting the Stage for Student Success 

November 7, 2017

Dear NKSD Community,

Our district mission states that we seek to graduate students who are competent, creative, compassionate, and contributing citizens. As a school district, we want to ensure that we provide learning experiences and programs that unlock the potential of every child in NKSD. We also want to ensure that all students have safe, technology-rich classrooms that accelerate their learning and development. 

North Kitsap School District relies upon both State and local funding to accomplish these goals. Even with the recent changes in legislation at the State level, school districts will still need local funding to meet student needs. NKSD currently provides staff, programs, and classes that are not included in the State's definition of basic education. The State does not provide funding for school building improvements, needs, or construction, nor does it fund technology needs of the district. As such, local levies are needed to fund needs that are not included as part of the State-funded program of Basic Education. 

At their October 26, 2017 meeting, our School Board voted to approve two important ballot measures that will be put forward to voters in February 2018; a Capital Levy to fund improvements to our school facilities and an Educational Programs & Operations Levy (EP&O) to fund important programs services and operations that are not funded by the state. 

Why do we need a Capital Levy? 

Our buildings and facilities represent a significant investment in our schools by our community. Our goal is to maintain and update our school facilities so that they provide a safe and secure learning environment that meets our students' needs and which are a source of pride for our community. A Capital Levy will fund facility and technology needs that are not funded by the State. This Capital Levy measure will let us address badly needed repairs and improvements to all of our school facilities, including everything from new roofs and HVAC systems to updating our technology infrastructure and student computers. It will allow us to update our security systems at all campuses and it will also help us undertake improvements to our athletic facilities and playgrounds. Please take a moment to review the full list of improvements that will be made possible by the Capital Levy.   A link to this list is provided below. 

Why do we need an Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy? 

Every four years, NKSD runs a levy to fund staff, programs, operations, and class offerings that are not funded by the State. It funds a variety of needs across our school district, including Special Education, Highly Capable, and English Language Learner programs. It supports athletics and extracurricular activities for our students, and it provides professional development for our faculty and staff, including our new teacher support program. Finally, it supports key personnel for our instructional program and for essential district operations that are not funded by the State. 

How does this impact taxes?

An important consideration for my team and I in recommending these measures, and for the Board in approving these measures, was to be responsible stewards of our local funds and structure our levies with an eye towards maintaining a stable tax rate for our community. We are pleased to share that these levy measures will help us better meet the needs of our students and they will maintain stable tax rates for our taxpayers.  

As part of the approval process for these measures, the School Board undertook both a study session and a discussion at a regular school board meeting of both the Capital Levy and the EP&O Levy. The district also held a public community forum on our levy measures. More information will be coming in the weeks and months ahead, and we will provide additional forums for our community to learn more about the levy measures and to ask questions. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions about either levy measure at

Thank you for all that you do to support our students and our schools! 


In partnership, 

Dr. Laurynn Evans