February 2018

A Bright Future For Our Students and Our Schools 

February 14, 2018

Dear Community,

The results are in, and I am delighted to share that both of our levy measures were met with 
strong voter approval! On behalf of the students and staff of North Kitsap School District: THANK YOU!  

Over the past few months, I spoke with hundreds of citizens and I visited with numerous community groups. These conversations reinforced an important theme: the people of North Kitsap value their schools, and they realize the important role that our schools play in cultivating a vibrant and prosperous community for all of us. I fully realize that your approval of our levies is a powerful indication of your trust and confidence in NKSD. I respect and value that trust, and I will work diligently to nurture that trust each and every day. 


In the spirit of maintaining trust, we are creating and implementing systems designed to provide openness and transparency about our capital project decision making and project management. We will continue to partner with our citizen-based Facilities Committee on both our capital project planning and implementation. Quarterly updates about our capital projects work will be provided through postal mail and in open community forums. We will also be creating and maintaining an online "project scorecard" so that our community can remain informed about project timelines and project completion. Our business and operations team, with the help of our Facilities Committee, are already digging into the important pre-work to set up a successful capital project program. I look forward to sharing more information about this with you soon. 

Another way we are seeking to maintain your trust is to create pathways to inform and involve our community about what is happening in our schools. We are working on a plan to keep our community better informed about our work on our strategic plan, as well as providing timely and truthful information about the progress of our students and schools in NKSD. We are also exploring ways to better highlight the incredible things that happen in our schools each and every day. Additionally, we are working on plans to directly involve you, our community, in our work. My hope is to have our community partner with us as we contemplate a new vision and an updated strategic plan for 2020 and beyond. More information about these plans will be shared later this spring. 

Once again, thank you for your vote of confidence and thank you for placing your trust in NKSD. I would be remiss if I did not thank the many citizens and employees who supported us over the past several weeks and months - THANK YOU. I have learned that this community is filled with people who have a heart for students and who value the power of education, and I am as committed as ever to fostering our partnership as we move forward. 

The NKSD team and I are ALL IN for our students!


In partnership, 

Dr. Laurynn Evans