September 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

In every corner of our school district, our faculty and staff have been hard at work preparing for the return of our students. A number of capital improvement projects took place this summer, including a new turf field at Kingston HS, reconfigurations of Gordon and Vinland offices for secure access, new roof sealant on Poulsbo MS and Poulsbo Elementary buildings, and several other projects. Additionally, our technology department deployed over 2,000 new devices for students, and worked on future proofing our technology infrastructure. We are planning the next phase of projects and we will be updating you soon on our progress. Thank you, voters, for your support of our schools!

KHS Turf Replacement 

Photo caption: Kingston High School turf replacement

Last Monday, I welcomed our faculty back to work. During my time with them, we talked about our purpose, what will help us achieve our purpose, and how we will attain our purpose in NKSD. In other words, we discussed our Why, our What, and our How.

Welcome Back

Photo caption: NKSD Faculty Welcome Back Day

Our students are our focus and we strive to do what is best for them at all times. For us to do this, we must know our students as people and as learners. We know that a combination of positive relationships and a data-rich approach to instruction will lead to student success. To do this, we will focus on having physically and emotionally safe schools. We will also be improving our collaborative practice so that we can use consistent approaches and data to inform instructional practice across our schools. 

Every Student Known

Because our school board agrees that this work is important, they are changing the format of several meetings to reflect an intentional focus on student growth and achievement. In most months, the first board meeting will be devoted to "School Connections" meetings which will be held at each of our school sites over the course of the year. These meetings will be devoted to in-depth discussion about school programs, student achievement data, how the school is responding to student needs and progress, and hearing directly from the students, faculty and parents from each school.

And finally, I want to update you about our efforts with campus and student safety/security. Last week, all faculty and staff at every single campus held on-site ALICE (active intruder) training that involved all faculty and staff who work at each building. This training was supported by our law enforcement partners - we thank them for helping keep our students and staff safe. In March 2018, I shared our plan for improving safety and security in NKSD. While we still have work to do, we have made significant progress regarding student safety and security, including working towards having a full time Student Resource Officer (SRO) for our Kingston area schools. 


Photo caption: NKHS ALICE training

It has been a busy summer, and it promises to be a busy and fulfilling school year ahead. We look forward to welcoming your students back to school! 

In Partnership,

Dr. Laurynn Evans