Attendance Boundaries

 Looking for the school your child should attend?  You have found the right place!  The maps on these pages should assist in finding your neighborhood school.  The map at the bottom of the page provides the estimated area for each school.  The links below provide more detailed maps and a short explanation of that school's boundaries.  If you reside near a boundary border, please call (360) 396-3099 or email for confirmation of the school your child should attend.



North Kitsap High School / Poulsbo Middle School 

Pearson, Poulsbo and Vinland Elementary schools all follow the path to Poulsbo Middle then North Kitsap High schools. This boundary includes all of the area from the Hood Canal Bridge south along Big Valley Rd to the intersection of Lemolo Shores and Hwy 305. 


Kingston High School/Kingston Middle School

Gordon, Wolfle and Suquamish Elementary schools all follow the path to Kingston Middle then Kingston High school. The boundary runs North to South from the Hood Canal Bridge to where Totten and Lemolo Shores intersects with Hwy 305.  


Boundary starts in Poulsbo at the intersection of Viking Way and South of NW Edvard St. It then runs West to the intersection of Clear Creek Rd and South of Back Forty Ln NW. The boundary goes only .25 mile south of Sherman Hill Rd then cuts East to Hwy 3. It then follows Hwy 3 South to the North portion of Vincent Rd and only the lower East side of Bay Ridge Dr to Hwy 307. It then continues South across Hwy 307 to Levin Rd NW and Wilcox Rd NW. Only the East side of this inter-section is in the North Kitsap boundary. The line goes directly South across Mountain View to Silverdale Way at Crestview Circle and Bennington. The boundary then goes East to include the Island Lake area, across Central Valley Rd , .25 mile North of Walker Rd NE continuing to Brownsville Hwy, .2 mile South of Keyport Rd. Keyport Base goes to Pearson along with Bangor Base. 
Boundary includes Pugh Rd, Lincoln Rd West of Stottlemeyer, south to the intersection of Hwy 305 and Lemolo Shore. The lin follows the shoreline to the north to the intersection of Lindvig at Viking Way. It also includes Hwy 305 to Bond Rd as far as Little Valley Rd. 
Boundary contains the area from the South end at Clear Creek and Back Forty Ln, North of Viking and Edvard and from the south end of Big Valley Rd to the Hood Canal Bridge. This also includes any side roads that dead end off of Big Valley Rd but not Sawdust Hill. The south portion of Bond Rd from Foss and Pugh roads are in the Vinland area. 

Suquamish Elementary (purple area)

Boundary is from South of Gunderson, along Stottlemeyer Rd, east on Lincoln to include Widme Rd down to Totten Rd and West Sound Academy. Then runs South and East along the shoreline of Suquamish and East across the bay to Indianola. The boundary then runs North to include South Kingston to the inter-section of Whitehorse where it goes West to Miller Bay Rd and Indianola Rd. It then continues to include only Gunder-son Rd as far as Port Gamble Rd. This boundary does not include Miller Bay Estates. 

Gordon Elementary (pink area)

Starting from the South to include all of Jefferson Beach Area, Miller Bay Estates and Miller Bay Rd, north of the intersection of Indianola and Miller Bay. This follows to the North to Hansville to include all addresses that are on Hansville/Miller Bay Rd, including any dead end roads that go off the main road. The north end boundary goes to the West to the intersection of Sherlind Dr NE and NE Twin Spits Rd. 

Wolfle Elementary (blue area)

Starting in the North at Sherlind Dr goes West along the shoreline to circle around the point and heads South to the Hood Canal Bridge. It then crosses over the highest point of the land, south to the inter-section of Sawdust Hill and Big Valley Rd. To the East over the land to the intersection of Foss/Pugh Rd at Bond Rd. From this point North to Gunderson Rd and East to Port Gamble Rd is the boundary of Wolfle. 

Boundary Map