Pro-Cert Program

Residency to the Professional Certificate
In accordance with the performance-based system created by the Washington State Legislature, teachers certified after September 1, 2000 begin their careers with a Residency Certificate (valid for five years) and then move to the Professional Certificate after successful completion of an approved Professional Certificate program.
North Kitsap School District has formed a partnership with Pacific Lutheran University to provide Residency Certificated teachers with an in-district option for obtaining a Professional Teacher Certificate. National Board Certified in-district teachers, adjunct professors for PLU, conduct the classes. Classes will center on the development of the Professional Growth Plan as well as assist in forming the Professional Growth Team.
Why choose this program?
This program provides an in-district option that may reduce the distance a candidate must drive to take the necessary coursework. The instructors are accessible to assist the candidates throughout the process and opportunity is provided for networking with other teachers in the district. In addition, a highlight of this in-district program is our partnership with the NKEA to provide this advantage to our district staff.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who needs it?
Teachers who hold a Residency Teacher Certificate, which went into effect in 2000,
2. When can I start a Professional Teacher Certificate program?
The Pre-Assessment Seminar can be taken following one year of contracted teaching with a public or private school.
3. Once I have my Residency Teacher Certificate, how long do I have to obtain the Professional Certificate?
a) Residency Certificate is valid for five years. If you have not completed requirements for the Professional Certificate during that five-year period, you may renew your Residency Certificate once, for a two-year period, if the college/university in whose program you are enrolled verifies that you are making satisfactory progress in the program.
b) If you have not completed provisional status with a school district, and thus cannot be admitted to a Professional Certificate program, you may renew your Residency Certificate once, for a five-year period, upon completion of fifteen quarter (ten semester) credits since the issuance of the Residency Certificate.
c) Any other renewal would require an appeal to the State Board of Education.
 4. How long does a Professional Certificate program take to complete? ·
A program will usually take one or two years to complete (depending on coursework and other components of your Professional Growth Plan).
5. Who do I contact for more information? 
Human Resources at (360) 396-3007 or email