NKSD Board Goals for 2019-2020

To support the work of the district, and support the vision of our new strategic plan, the NKSD Board of Directors will: 

1. Increase capacity of our students and staff through support of the NKSD Strategic Plan. 
Key actions and metrics include: 
a. Support accountable, culturally responsive teaching and learning environment
b. Foster a safe, trusting climate for learning and work
c. Support eh hiring and retention of effective, caring teachers, leaders, and staff for every student

2. Sustain fiscal responsibility and stewardship. 
Key actions and metrics include: 
a. Develop and train new board members regarding fiscal responsibilities/roles
b. Review and develop budget calendar
c. Advocate legislatively, and receive regular updates from the board legislative representative and NKSD business manager
d. Support superintendent with board representation at community speaking events
e. Board agenda item: fiscal implementation of the strategic plan

3. Increase board engagement with stakeholders.  
Key actions and metrics include: 
a. Identify stakeholders, make a list and recruit board members to attend and report back
b. Share how board does its work, e.g. publish board goals and report on what we do and will do
c. Continue to support board liaison positions (KCAC,Tribes, City of Poulsbo)
d. Explore shared meetings and information with other boards, including board presidents with superintendents

4. Develop the board/superintendent leadership team. 
Key actions and metrics include:
a. Intentional, focused education for new board members following the November election
b. Timely, effective evaluations for both the Superintendent and for the Board
c. Review and re-affirm our operating principles
d. Communicate and uphold board roles/responsibilities 
e. Continued education regarding financial matters for the district