Board Policies

The online policy manual contains up-to-date policies and procedures set forth by the School Board. The ​policies are principles adopted by the board to chart a course of action, while the procedures are the detailed directions that put policy into practice and guide the operation of the school district.

The policies are categorized into the following areas:

1000 - Board of Directors. Policies related to North Kitsap School Board meetings, board members elections and governance.

2000 - Instruction. Policies related to student learning programs, school organization, and instructional requirements.

3000 - Students. Policies related to admission, attendance, rights and responsibilities, and student activities.

4000 - Community Relations. Policies related to communication with the public, public participation in schools, public access to staff and students, and relations with other agencies.

5000 - Personnel. Policies related to recruitment, hiring, employment, compensation, leaves, and benefits.

6000 - Management Support. Policies related to financial management, revenues, purchasing, risk management, transportation, food services, school property and capital projects.