Student Medical Forms and Information

Medical Authorization Forms:
If a student must receive prescribed or over-the-counter oral or topical medication, eye drops, or ear drops at school, the parent/guardian must submit a written authorization accompanied by a written request from a licensed health professional. (School Board Policy 3416)

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Authorization for Medication at School 2019-20 
(completed by Licensed Health Professional (LHP) and Parent/Guardian)

Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication at School 2019-20
(completed by Licensed Health Professional (LHP) and Parent/Guardian)  

Physicians Authorization for Diabetes Care at School 

(completed by LHP and Parent/Guardian)

(completed by LHP and Parent/Guardian)

Physicians Authorization for Specialized Services at School
(completed by LHP and Parent/Guardian)

(for special diets at school, completed by Licensed Health Professional (LHP)
Authorization for Exchange of Information
(completed by Parent/Guardian & Student if 13 or older)