Office 365 (aka "the cloud")

It's not as scary as you may think at first.  The term, "cloud" simply refers to information that is stored somewhere besides NKSD.
Before the cloud, all email that came into the district was held on a "server" at NKSD, waiting for you to look at it.  When you used Outlook or Webmail to look at your mailbox, you were looking at the server at the District Office which held all of your email.
If your mailbox has been moved to the cloud, you will still use the same programs to look at email, but you're looking at a server somewhere else, in this case, at Microsoft.
(Note that cloud-based email is not yet available for most users, but will be available soon.  We're currently testing and doing a "staged roll-out" of this service.)
The cloud brings some big advantages:
  • You can use the desktop Outlook program from anywhere, not just at NKSD, so "Outlook from home" is now possible.
  • When we implement file storage in the cloud (in development), staff and students can access their files, share them, and even edit them, from anywhere and on any device.
  • New methods of staff communication will be available (in development).
  • Microsoft's systems are far more stable than anything we can provide, including protection from power outages, server crashes, etc.
  • Office 365 is compliant with regulatory standards for privacy and security, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, FISMA and FERPA, so your data is always secure.
  • New features are implemented as soon as they become available, with little/no downtime for maintenance.
  • Logging-in

    To learn more about accessing cloud services, read this by clicking the title above.