Windows 8, Email, and Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8, Email, and Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8, Email, and Internet Explorer 10

Obviously, many of our staff will need or want to check their NKSD email from home during the summer.  Doing this, however, may be difficult due to the many possible combinations of programs people use… unless you know these three tips for viewing email.  We're posting this because we’ve had a lot of reports of “gibberish” shown at the top of email, and this is a problem that can be fixed by you.  See #3 below.


(1)    Make sure you use the correct address – .  If you have old shortcuts on your home computer, they may not work.  Just delete them.  To get to the correct place, you can either click on “Email” at the top of the district website  OR you can type in the address: .


(2)    Use “Internet Explorer” for the best experience – Some people have Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers.  If you have Internet Explorer (the big blue “e” icon) on your computer, that is the best web browser to use.  For other browsers, you may have to select the “light” or “basic” setting on the email login screen.


(3)    If you have version 10 of Internet Explorer, you will see gibberish on the top of the screen after you login.  This is easy to fix.  Go back to the email link given above (tip #1).  Before you login, click the icon shown below to turn on “compatibility view”:



     When compatibility view is turned on, the icon will turn blue like this:  .  Once you do this, login and your mail should display correctly.  We will be updating our email system next school year so turning on “compatibility view” will no longer be necessary.


Hope this helps!