When you access cloud services, such as email (and others to come), you will use the same username and password you already use to log-in to NKSD computers.  The format of your username may need to be entered differently, however.
When logging-in from a computer at NKSD, you may be logged-in automatically.  The cloud will simply use the username and password you logged-in to the computer with.  Some services will still require a manual logon.
Also, you should never check the box "save my credentials" when logged-in to the computer with an account used by more than one person (such as elementary school "common" accounts).  It is only safe to click "save my credentials" if you are logged-in to your own account.  Remember to never leave your computer unattended while you are logged-in to it.  Otherwise, anyone can access your email and other data.
Some features may prompt for your username in different formats.  Read the login box or login screen carefully to see what you are expected to type.
All of the following username examples are for the same user, John Smith. 
While the last one above looks like an email address, it is also one way your username can be entered.  It is simply another way of typing nkschools\jsmith.  Again, note that different cloud features may be expecting you to type your username in a specific format.  Read carefully!  Webmail, for example, just wants to see the format like jsmith.  Mobile devices, however, may need to be configured with the format jsmith@nkschools.org for the username (and then leave the 'domain' field blank).