School Bus Safety Tips

Student Safety on Buses

Important safety rules for students riding school buses


Bright yellow school buses are a familiar sight to all students. Eventually, most students will ride a school bus, either to school, to attend special programs or events, or as part of a sporting activity. Before your child rides a bus this school year, please discuss the following safety rules with him or her.

Getting Ready for School

• Leave some extra time in the morning to get to your bus stop on time. Be at the stop about five (5) minutes before the scheduled pickup time. Running for the bus is dangerous.

• Wear bright, contrasting clothing, or consider putting reflective tape on jackets and backpacks, so you can be seen easily in the early morning or late afternoon when the sky is gray.

• Wear raincoats in colors other than yellow so you won’t blend in with the yellow school bus.

• Dress properly. Warm clothes, hats, mittens and boots will keep you from getting sick in cold weather.crosswalk

• Remember to take your backpacks and keep everything inside (to keep from dropping them on the way).

• Ask an adult to drive you to school when you have a science project or have to carry an object that will prevent you from seeing where you are going or from concentrating on safety.

Walking to the Bus Stop and Waiting for the Bus

• Look carefully before crossing any street. Make sure there are no cars coming from either direction. Wait on your side of the street and let the driver signal you to cross when it is safe.

• Stand away from where the bus stops. Remember, buses need extra room to stop when there is snow or ice on the roads.

• Keep all pets in the house before school to prevent them from following you or getting hit by a bus or car. Remember pets (or any live animal) are not allowed on the buses.

• Don’t push, shove or play around the bus stop. Someone could slide or fall in the path of the bus.

• Don’t stoop to pick up papers or other objects when a bus is approaching a stop. Make sure you can be seen by the driver.

• Don’t linger or play at the bus stop. Respect private property. signal light

• Don’t throw objects at other students or at the bus.

Riding the Bus
• Children should talk quietly, be courteous to all and follow all of the drivers' directions.
• Students should stay seated during the entire bus ride and keep the aisles clear.
Please refer to the bus rules list for additional bus riding behavior.  Safe journeys!