Advisory Committees

Why is an advisory committee needed?
The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction requires that local advisory committees approve new course proposals and teachers for professional certification. Local committees serve in an advisory capacity to the North Kitsap School District superintendent and school board.

What do advisors do?
Advisors help set goals; review program curriculum, equipment and effectiveness; include representatives of business and labor who reflect the local industry and community; and actively consult with other representatives of business, industry, labor and agriculture.

What are the program committees?
  • Athletic Medicine
  • Business Education and Marketing
  • Engineering & Drafting/CAD
  • Culinary Arts
  • Family and Consumer Science Education
  • Horticulture, Aquaculture, and Natural Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Integrated Multimedia and Video Production
  • Recording Arts and Technology
  • Work Based Learning
Who can be an advisor?
A person appointed to a program advisory committee should possess knowledge and work experience in that area, and be aware of the philosophy of the program served. Advisory members may include: employers, experts in selected areas, trade and industry associations, program graduates, labor union representatives, leaders of organized community groups, media representatives, parents, students.

How often do advisors meet?
Program committees meet three to four times a year. The committee chairperson also meets with the General Advisory Committee, composed of chairpersons of all the program committees. General Advisory Committee meetings are held three/four times a year.
How do I apply?
Contact the instructor of the program, or the Director of CTE ,
John Waller,