Referral Process

Kindergarten and New students: 
If you would like to refer a student in Kindergarten or new to the district for entrance into the Highly Capable program, for the 2019-2020 school year, please submit a referral form to the student's school office or to Student Services, beginning on Nov. 1st. The referral may be initiated by parents, teachers, other staff  or community member. However, referral forms will require parent consent for any student to be considered for the screening process. Parent permission to assess is mandatory.
Initial Referral:  The process includes CoGAT screener, a review of each student's portfolio, possible additional testing, and a ranking system guided by a number of fundamental assessments. As a result, the final decisions may be made following a comprehensive process by December 5th. Referrals are only accepted once a year during our testing window.  If a referral is received after the deadline, it will be added to the testing window for the following school year.

Grade 2: There is no need to refer a student in grade 2 for the Highly Capable Program. All students are screened and considered. This process begins in January with administration of the CogAT.

Testing is provided at no cost for students who attend school in the North Kitsap School District.  Private school students are not eligible to test.  A student moving into the district must be enrolled prior to testing. 

Forms 1st & 3rd-11th:

 *Parent Permission to assess is mandatory. 
Highly Capable Referral Form Grades 1, 3 - 11 (Spanish)

Highly Capable Teacher Referral Form- Student Services will send to teacher, and it must be filled out after Highly Capable Referral Form.
Current Student Learning Plan Supported Students: 
For students currently being served through an Highly Capable Student Learning Plan within their neighborhood school, if you would like to refer an identified student for the "Self Contained" elementary, please send the completed referral form to the school's office or directly to the Student Support Center office by January 4th.

* For fifth graders currently served on a Highly Capable Student Learning Plan, there is a continuation of services in the middle school AGATE program.   
For students currently enrolled at the SELF-CONTAINED ELEMENTARY program or the MIDDLE SCHOOL AGATE classes, a new referral form is not needed if the intent is to continue in the program for the following year. 
Exceptions for all grades may be made for students who missed the referral window depending on the reason, for example moving into the area, or their parent's service in the military.

Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) contains:
1. A special teacher, if available
2. A psychologist or individual qualified to interpret assessments.
3. The Program Director, and additional specialists the district feels are necessary.
The MDT reviews all available information to make recommendations for eligibility and placement.  Each individual student is reviewed holistically to determine recommendations based on NKSD’s eligibility criteria. Decisions are made using a consensus model.

NKSD’s Eligibility Criteria for Highly Capable Services Ideal candidate

Highly Capable Identification may include:
COGAT: Cognitive Aptitude Test. Verbal or Quantitative CogAT scores 125  and above, with consideration for margin of error (or comparable WISC scores).

HOPE Scale:  The scale completed by each student's teacher. 
Teacher Consultation form, if necessary,  documenting eligibility for highly capable services.

 Academic Achievement Testing. Achievement 95-99th percentile in reading OR math on STAR.

State Assessments: Smarter Balanced ELA, Math.
Smarter Balanced Level 4 scores in Reading and Math state assessment (for placement in 4th-12th grade).

Evidence of Highly Capable Characteristics on Teacher and Parent
Rating Scales.

Norm Referenced Assessments:
ELPA 21: Used to track progress in learning English as a second language.

Military Compact: Students who transfer into NKSD due to military move are entitled to equal or better services. 
Under RCW 28A.185.030(2), when a child of a military family in transition moves to NKSD and has been assessed or enrolled as highly capable or equivalent by the child’s previous school district, NKSD will initially honor the placement of the child into the highly capable program.  NKSD will determine whether the sending school district’s program is highly capable or equivalent to NKSD’s Highly Capable program. After the student has been admitted, NKSD may conduct subsequent assessments to determine appropriate placement and continued enrollment in the Highly Capable program.

Relevant and applicable out of district highly capable paperwork for students who are transferring to NKSD.
      Professional judgment may include consideration of capabilities compared with peers.