Why choose the Dual Language program for my child?

Dual Language Kindergarten

Studies have found that learning a second language at an early age has many benefits:

  • There is a positive effect on brain development and intellectual growth.
  • Students gain flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better for listening.
  • It opens the door to other cultures and helps children understand and appreciate people from other countries.
  • students acquire Spanish fluency.
  • Students have increased job opportunities in many careers where knowledge of another language is a asset.

What if no one at home speaks Spanish?

That's just fine. Most of our parents do not speak Spanish. Many learn some Spanish over the years. Report cards, notices, and newsletters are issued in English. Spanish homework assignments are not translated into English and it is not expected that parents will assist in Spanish homework activities.

What should parents think about when considering this program?

Enrolling a child in this program should be viewed as a commitment at least through grade five. The goals of the program are best met when students stay with this additive model through fifth grade.

Are students in the DL program screened for admission?

This program is open to all interested students. If, as a parent, you have concerns about the appropriateness of this program, please consult with the principal to discuss your concerns when applying or as your student progresses through the program.