How does this program differ from an immersion program?

Elementary students with teacher

Students in the program are taught the standard North Kitsap District curriculum, but receive instruction part of the day in Spanish. They learn to understand, speak, read and write Spanish in addition to English. Classroom teachers have near-native ability in the Spanish language and are chosen for their skills and their commitment to the goals of the program. By the fifth grade, our goal is for our Dual Language students to have met or exceeded state standards in English and be literate in Spanish as measured by our district language scales.

Our program is an “Additive Model.” We begin by building academic skills in the student’s first language. When our native English-speakers demonstrate competence in English, we add Spanish oral language development. Then we build academic skills in the second language of Spanish. In this program, math is always taught in English. Science and Social Studies are taught in Spanish, in increasing amounts as they move up toward 5th grade.