Integrated Pest Management

Washington State Legislature requires all school districts to adopt a pesticide policy and related procedures for implementing the policy.  North Kitsap School District has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for managing undesired vegetation and pests.  The program is an ecological approach to suppressing pest populations (weeds, insect, diseases) in which alternative pest controls are considered, and where practical, implemented before chemical controls are used.

NKSD will manage undesired vegetation and other pests using an ecological approach which minimizes the use of pesticide risk to human health and environment. The district will perform regular monitoring of grounds and facilities to determine when treatments are needed and employ physical, biological, chemical and education tactics to prevent intolerable damage or annoyance from undesired vegetation or pests.  If use of a pesticide is determined to be the most effective, economical, and environmentally safe approach, its application will be timed to minimize adverse affects to human health and beneficial organisms.

To notify students, staff, parents and users of school properties of planned pesticide application, signs will be posted a minimum 48 hours in advance of the application except when immediate action is required.  If pre-notification is not provided, signs will be posted at the main entrance to each school and the location of the application will list the name of the pesticide; the date and time of the planned application; the area to be treated; and the name and telephone number of the contact person.  Pre-notification will not be sent when students do not occupy the facility for two consecutive days following the application per RCW 17.21.415.

In addition, some might want prior notification of applications at their school.  If you would like to be placed on a list to receive prior notification at your school, please contact Sandy Stivers, Maintenance and Facilities Program Coordinator, at (360) 396-3065 or You will need to leave your name, phone number, mailing address, email address and the name of the school(s). The list will be kept from September through August.  To remain on the list, you will need to renew your request on an annual basis.

The maintenance department makes an effort to apply fertilizer to fields and lawn areas on non-student days.  Dates for fertilizer application may vary each year dependent upon the school calendar and weather conditions.  Generally, fertilizer is applied during early October, mid-December, early April, mid-June and mid-August.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (360) 396-3065.

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