School District Facility Use

For district events the process begins with the online Facility Use Application.
(Please read how to below.) This application is the tool that the scheduling office uses to process each request. An application must be submitted at least three weeks prior to an event. Approval/disapproval will be issued not later than two weeks after application is received. The Facility Use Application is a legal binding document and should be signed only be those 21 or older. Please do not call the district facility scheduling office and ask for immediate verbal verification or availability/confirmation.
How to Process a Facility Scheduling Application Form:
(Click here for a power point on placing your own requests
Or use the following instructions below:
Step 1.) Click on the link above to enter the Application process (making sure to be in the schedule request tab)
Step 2.) It will ask you for your email address. Twice if you are new to the system to verify your email address.   When your email address is in the system it will ask you Yes or No? Then onto the next step.
Step 3.) Enter the required information in all fields requested. (red checked areas) If information is not filled in correctly it will not let you save the request and could delay your request.
Step 4.) ***IMPORTANT*** Once you enter into the “Welcome to School Dude Site” click on the second tab and “click” Schedule Request
Step 5.) After completing the Facility Request you will be asked for a “password”. Your password is: "password".
Step 6.) The last step is to “click” the button save and your requested information will be saved into the system and you will be notified via e-mail about your request. This e-mail will give you a copy of the information that you have requested. (As the request goes through the process to be approved you will be notified of each person approving the request, until the final approval from Facility Coordinator, Valerie Oas.)
Step 7.) Your request will then be processed and you will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding your request.
Step 8.) Make copies of your requests and your final APPROVAL application for verification on use for facility use at your event.
Questions: Contact Facility Coordinator, Valerie Oas at or 360-396-3062