Online Check-In Instructions

Download the Online Check-in PDF or follow the instructions below.

Instrucciones para el check in en español.

​Online Check-in for Parents or Guardians

To access Online Check-in, log in to Skyward Family Access.  Note:  For optimum performance, please do not use a mobile device or tablet to check-in your student.

After logging in, the "2019-2020 (school name) Online Check-in" button is located on the left side of the screen and is the second button under "Home". Note: "New Student Pre-Registration" is not Check-in.
Check-in button

Click on the student's name in the next screen to begin.  The name is located at at the bottom of the page.
student name location

The next screen displays the check-in steps on the right side of the screen.  Click on "Student Information" to begin verifying demographic information. As you review each step, update information and then click "Complete the Step" to move on to the next step.
check in student information location

Verify and update Student Information and review permissions for Directory Information. hover over the question marks (?) to view more information about the step and the information. Remember to click "Complete Step (step number) and Move to Step..." to complete and move on.
Complete step button location 

District Employees
If you are an employee, or married to an employee (or in some cases, former employees), demographic information cannot be updated during check-in. If you have information that needs to be updated, please contact District Records at (360) 396-3588 or email and someone will assist you.  However, please continue to update other areas of check-in.

Emergency Contact Information
In the "Emergency Contact" step of verifying student information, if another student's guardian is one of your emergency contacts, you will not be able to update the contact information.   Do not be concerned about this.  When the guardian updates their information, it will automatically update in your student's record.

Steps 3 - 7 Forms
The remaining steps after verifying "Military Family Information" are online forms that need information and virtual signatures. Click "ADD" to add a new form for 2019-2020.

If a form has not been completed, a prompt will appear.  Click "YES" to proceed.
Completing new forms
Use the "View Full Screen" feature in the upper right section to see an entire form on the screen. When you are finished, click "Exit Full Screen" in the upper right section to go back to the steps and continue.
View Full Screen
Continue completing the remaining forms the same way.  Remember to click "Complete" as you move from one form to the next.

As you complete each step, a green check mark will appear next to the completed steps along the right side of the screen.  When all steps are complete and have a check mark, click on the last step "Complete 2019-2020 (school name) Online Check-in".  Then click the button "Submit 2019-2020 (school name) Online Check-in".  

Note:  If the submit button is not sensitized, it is likely that one of the steps has not been completed. Review the list of forms in the center of the screen and look for "Not Completed". Search for any missing green check marks and go back to complete the field(s) you missed. Remember to complete the step so you see a green check mark.
Submit Completed Check In
After you successfully complete Online Check-in, you will see a message on screen validating that it has been completed. You are finished!!

Need Help?
If you need assistance completing or starting the check-in process as outlined, or you need help with your password, please call (360) 396-3588 or email and someone will call you.  Read the frequently asked questions for additional help.