School Board

North Kitsap School Board encourages the public to take an active part in the educational affairs of the district and extends an invitation to the community to attend school board meetings. All board meetings are open to the public, with the exception of executive sessions where personnel, property acquisition or sales, and collective bargaining matters are discussed.
The North Kitsap School District is made up of five director districts, with one director from each district serving on the Board. Click here for the legal description of the boundaries for each director district. Board members are elected through school-district-wide elections and represent all constituents within the boundaries of the North Kitsap School District.
Board of Directors and Superintendent Dr. Laurynn Evans,
Superintendent Dr. Laurynn Evans,, (360) 396-3001

Individual board members can be contacted using the emails below. Please note that emails regarding any school district subject are considered public records. Written communication to the board or superintendent may also be sent to North Kitsap School District, 18360 Caldart Ave. NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

Rick Eckert

  District 1
  Rick Eckert
  Vice President/Liaison to City of Poulsbo 
  Term: Dec. 2017-Dec. 2021
  Elected: 2017
(360) 979-8493

Jim Almond     

  District 2
  Jim Almond
  Term:  Dec. 2015-Dec. 2019 
  Elected: 2015 
(360) 979-8488


  District 3
  Beth Worthington
  Legislative Representative/Liaison to Kingston Community 
  Term: Dec. 2017-Dec. 2021
  Elected: 2013
(360) 979-8491 

Glen Robbins

  District 4
  Glen Robbins
  Liaison to Port Gamble S'Klallam and             Suquamish Tribal Councils 
  Term: Dec. 2015-Dec.2019
  Elected: 2015
(360) 979-8481
Cindy Webster-Martinson
  District 5
  Cindy Webster-Martinson
  Term: Jan. 2018- Dec. 2019
  Appointed: 2018
(360) 979-8489

About the Board

North Kitsap School District Board of Directors is a local board, established by the Washington State Legislature. Although each of the five members comes from a different geographical area in the district, all board members are elected by all North Kitsap voters. Board members serve staggered four year-term. They may run for re-election for successive terms. The Board elects officers (president, vice-president and legislative representative) on an annual basis. North Kitsap School Board members currently serve without pay.
The legal responsibilities of the Board are to:
  • establish general policy for the school district
  • adopt and revise the annual operating budget
  • select and evaluate the Superintendent
  • employ school personnel upon the recommendation of the Superintendent
  • exercise the power to administer schools conferred by the state legislature
  • keep the public informed on the needs and progress of the education system

The School Board employs a professional team of administrators, teachers, and classified staff to carry out the day-to-day functions of the district.