In-District or Out-Of-District Student Athlete Transfers
Transferring from one high school to another for the sake of participation in athletic program(s) is in violation of the WIAA, and may result in athletic ineligibility for 1 calendar year from the date of violation. 
WIAA 18.11.2 Reads
- A student whose transfer is based on a bona fide change of residence to a new school (district) due  to  an  actual  physical  relocation  of  and  with  the  entire  family  unit  to  a  different  residence  and preceded by termination of all occupancy of their previous residence.

If you are transferring high schools, either from another district, or within North Kitsap School District and intend to participate in athletics at the varsity level, you may need to appear before the West Central District Eligibility Committee. If an additional hearing date is requested, the cost of the hearing will be the responsibility of the athlete and his/her family.



Craig Barry, Director of Secondary Schools, (360) 396-3018


Ed Call, KHS Athletic Coordinator, (360) 396-3312
Matt Stanford, NKHS Athletic Coordinator, (360) 396-3125
Laurie Ellison, Kingston Middle School Athletic Coordinator, (360) 396-3474
Anh Tran, Poulsbo Middle School Athletic Coordinator, (360) 396-3291
Julie Leslie, NKHS Athletic Medicine/Athletic Trainer, (360) 396-3165
Kyle Ottenbacher, KHS Athletic Trainer, (360) 396-3790

There may be additional requirements specific to a building and a sport that are identified in either the student athletic handbook or the WIAA Handbook. Athletic handbooks are available at all secondary schools and online. The Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association may be accessed at