New Website Design

We're getting a fresh, new look!
Posted on 10/25/2019
This is the image for the news article titled We're getting a fresh, new look!On Monday, November 4, our district and school websites will have a brand new look!  So what is changing?
- Our homepages will be cleaner and easier to find what you need.

- at the very top of every page, no matter where you are on our sites, you will find "Families", "Students", and "Staff" drop-downs that provide quick access to the items you need the most.

- The main menus on each site will be static, providing an ease of access for finding what you need.  No more bouncing menus!

- Content will be organized a bit differently, and we hope that the categories make more sense.

- We have added a district performance calendar and athletics calendar to assist our community in getting involved in our schools!

- Our schools will have social media feeds showcased on their homepage.  This provides easy access to what's happening daily in our schools.

- Need directions to a school?  A link to Google Maps is available in the top left corner of each school.

- For ease of use internally, we are using the same content management system with the same great support.  There is no need to learn a new system!

As we prepare for the update, there will be short periods of time when links are temporarily inactive while they are updated.  You may also notice some heading changes.

We thank our parents, staff, students and community for your patience while we prepare and continue to improve our website experience!

Questions?  Contact the communications department at

Current Changes:

Below are changes that have been made prior to the new design launch:

District Website:

  • "PLC"s page has been moved to the "Staff Resources Page" in "For Staff". (10/25/19)
  • Title I and Learning Assistance pages have been move to "Special Programs" under "Learning". (10/25/19)
  • English Language Learner Program has been move to "Special Programs" under Learning. (10/25/19)
  • Highly Capable Program has been moved to "Special Programs" under Learning. (10/25/19)
  • Native American Education has been moved to "Special Programs" under Learning. (10/25/19)
  • Special Education has been added to "Special Programs" under Learning.  It is also listed in Departments. (10/25/19)
  • McKinney Vento has been moved to "Special Programs" under Learning. (10/25/19)
  • Home Based instruction has been added to "Special Programs" under Learning. (10/25/19)
  • "Our District" heading changed to "About" (10/29/19)
  • "Learning" heading changed to "Academics" (10/29/19)
  • "For Community" changed to "Get Involved" (10/29/19)

School Websites:

  • All Sites: "About Us" heading changed to "About" (10/29/19)
  • All Sites: "Contact Us" heading moved under "About" heading (10/29/19)
  • All Sites: "Contact Us" Updated to include "Teacher Directory" (10/29/19)
  • All Sites: "Staff Sites" now located under the "Teacher Directory" page (10/29/19)
  • All Sites: "Staff Sites" name changed to "Teacher Webpages" on customer facing side. (previous links are still the same) (10/29/19)
  • All Sites: "News" added to "About" heading (10/29/19)
  • KHS: "Students/Families" Heading replaced separate "Student" and "Parent" headings (10/29/19
  • KHS:  "Academics" Heading added, subpages are in progress (10/29/19)
  • KHS:  Counseling Services moved to Academics heading - links available also in Students/Families section (10/29/19)