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    • Seattle Music Scene

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 10/20/2011 8:20:00 PM

      Seattle has always had a very active music scene.  PBS is airing a mini-documentary on the Seattle music scene tomorrow, but you can watch it online here.  Short video, but talks about KEXP and why some people think that the Seattle music scene is as vibrant as it is. 

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    • How Many Things Can YOU Listen to at Once?

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 9/18/2011 1:00:00 PM

      A friend of mine came across this, and after listening to it, I thought I should share it.  The gentleman at the center of this piece has some amazing talents when it comes to music.  The audio is a little over 20 minutes, but it is well worth it.  Could you imagine having this man's talents?

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    • Drum Core Awesomeness

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 8/18/2011 1:00:00 PM

      Hereis a link to a clip of the 2011 Caviler Drum and Bugle Corps show.  They did some prety amazing stuff.  Watching drum corps always gets me ready for the upcoming marching season!  Hope you enjoy!

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    • Ohio State School of the Blind Marching Band

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 7/6/2011 3:00:00 PM

      Came across this story in the Seattle Times this morning.  Pretty powerful stuff!

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    • Xylophone: Amazing

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 4/8/2011 3:00:00 PM

      Found this video on Youtube recently.  My first thought was how simple and beautiful the music is.  This was followed by thinking about the amount of work that had to go into making not only the instrument, but also the entire video.  Music and art both continue to amaze and surprise me and remind me about the many possibilities that they provide us.  Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to leave a comment if you like. 

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    • Wanna see some top US Wind Ensembles?

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 3/22/2011 9:00:00 PM
      Beginning Thursday, the University of Washington is hosting the annual College Band Director's National Association Conference.  This is the first time this conference has been held in Seattle in 40 years.  The link to the event's website can be found here.
      One of the best parts of the conferences is the performance of many of the United States top wind ensembles.  This year's bands are coming from Boise State University, Ball State University, and the the University of Washington, among others.  The conference has partnered with a website to provide free live streaming of some of the concerts as well as some of the sessions.  I would encourage you to check out the website  that lists all of the performances.  A great opportunity to see some amazing performances, starting tomorrow night at 8PM
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    • Amazing Music

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 2/21/2011 7:00:00 PM

      Thanks to one of my students for sending me this great video.  This student apparently built this instrument for a class project.  It is constructed out of PVC pipe of different lengths, and is structured in similar fashion to a mallet instrument.  The musician strikes the pipes with a spatula type device to produce the tones.  For me, it was neat to see an instrument made out of something as simple as PVC pipe.  Actually took me back to elementary school and creting simple instruments out of everyday objects.  Hope you enjoy.

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    • Straight, No Chaser

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 12/6/2010 5:00:00 PM
      For those interested, here is a link to a video of Straight No Chaser.  This vocal group is from the Universiry of Indiana.  A great change of pace if you enjoy holiday music. 
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    • SSO Follow-up

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 6/30/2010 7:00:00 AM
      The Seattle Symphony has made it's selection for their next Maestro, Frenchman Ludovic Morlot.  This young conductor apparently impressed both musicians and the selection committee with his energy and ability to think on his feet.  Below are the articles from both the Seattle and New York Times newspapers.
      Maestro Schwartz is in his final year of his contract.  For those of you who have never seen him conduct, I urge you make the trip to Seattle and watch one of his final performances.  It is amazing to see the passion that he brings to the music, and even more amazing to believe that the musicians are able to follow his baton.  He is one of the great American Orchestra conductors, and you will not be disappointed if you are able to make the trip. 
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    • SSO Conductor Search

      Posted by Adam Campagna at 5/24/2010 5:00:00 PM

      Fascinating articleabout the search for the new Music Director of the Seattle Symphony.  I think it is great that members of the symphony get to provide some feedback about the selection of their new leader, as the chemistry between a musical group and its director is of the utmost importance.  For those of you that have never gone, you should try to go and see Gerard Schwartz before he is done.  He is an amazing conductor, even if he can be hard to follow as a musician. 

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