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  • Welcome to NKSD Transportation
    Phone: 360-396-3099 
    Office hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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    Wednesdays are eBus Dog arly release days!  Students are released 50 minutes earlier
    Secondary students (NKHS/KHS/PMS) are released at 1:35 PM and KMS at 1:45 PM. 
    Elementary students will be released at 3:00 PM. 
    Half-day kinder students are released 25 minutes earlier at 11:35 AM.
    For KINDERGARTEN bus riders: a parent or guardian (or other designated person) is required to meet kindergarten 
    students when they are dropped off. If you have an older sibling getting off the bus with your child, 
    we must have a signed & dated note giving permission to release your student with the sibling.

    Please remember that students need to be waiting at their bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled time. This ensures that students are not chasing after buses which creates a safety hazard, and also ensures that students do not miss the bus.
    NOTE that pursuant to WAC 392-145-020.7: students may only use their regular established stop unless they have written permission from a parent-guardian to use another location.

    Regarding bus numbers: our buses have four digit numbers printed on them. For example 99-08. The first two digits indicate the year of the bus, and the last two digits are the route number (and the bus number) 

    Riding Yellow Means Going Green!
    There are 480,000 school buses on the road across the U.S., providing public transportation for half the country’s students.  That’s 26 million kids who ride yellow buses to school each day.  Here’s how each bus impacts our communities.

     ·      36 FEWER PASSENGER CARS- Smoother Commutes

    Every school bus takes 36 private passenger vehicles off the road.  That means less time sitting in traffic, quieter and less congested intersections and a shorter commute for everyone.

    ·      180 MILLION GALLONS FUEL SAVED-Less Time at the Pump

    Each parent who has his or her child ride the bus to school will save approximately 180 gallons of fuel per year, $663 in fuel costs, and 3,600 miles from being put on the family car.

    ·      50 TIMES MORE SAFE-Out of Harm’s Way

    Students who ride the bus are 50 times more likely to arrive at school safely than when they drive themselves or ride with friends.

    ·      44.6 BILLION FEWER LBS CO2-Pollution Reduced

    Some 44.6 billion pounds of CO2 are saved each year by using school buses instead of private passenger vehicles. 


    Last Modified on January 28, 2016