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School Funding Measures

While the state of Washington provides some funding for K-12 education, it is often not enough to fully support all of the programs and services that schools provide. Local levy funding allows school districts to raise additional funds that can be used to supplement state funding and provide additional resources for students. Local levy funding can be used to support a wide range of programs, technology, and services that help to maintain or improve educational quality. This can include things like hiring additional teachers, providing additional resources for students with special needs, and funding extracurricular activities like sports and music programs. Local levy funding can also be particularly important for school districts that are facing budget shortfalls. When the state or federal funding for education is cut or otherwise reduced, local levy funding can help to ensure that schools are still able to provide high-quality education to their students.

Bonds and Levies - What's the difference?

Did you know that Washington State provides very little funding for the maintenance, repairs, or replacements of our school buildings? That is why we ask the community to consider bonds and capital project levies - to ensure that every student - no matter what school they go to - has equal access to safe, modern learning spaces. 

But what’s the difference between bonds and levies? We often say “bonds are for building, levies are for learning,” but it’s a little more complex than that. Take a moment to see how bonds and capital levies are both part of our long-range plan to address our highest facility needs throughout the district.

Unraveling the Financial Tapestry - Understanding School Funding

Delving into the intricate world of school funding, this section demystifies the budgetary landscape of NKSD. We take you on a journey through the significance of levies and bonds, vital funding mechanisms that have shaped the district's infrastructure and educational experiences. Learn about our strategic allocation of resources, ensuring every dollar is invested wisely to maximize opportunities for our students.