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North Kitsap School District

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Hilder Pearson Elementary

Hilder Pearson Rendering

Hilder Pearson was built in 1951. The current campus consists of 4 separate buildings, including 4 portable classrooms, with multiple points of entry which makes safety and security difficult to manage. There is no separate gym and cafeteria space which creates scheduling issues for specialist classes like physical education. There are no dedicated areas for small group or individualized instruction outside of the classroom. The school is also situated on a busy road and is on a multi-level, narrow property. Architect and design experts note that the size and shape of the property make replacement on the current location very difficult. Any replacement or modernization will displace students for several years.

Project Details:

  • Build an new school at a new location off of Finn Hill Road - this would continue to be named Hilder Pearson Elementary and would house all current Hilder Pearson students, with room to grow
  • Increase student capacity to 450 students, allowing space for growth in the Poulsbo area
  • 70,000 sq ft
  • Modern, flexible learning spaces to support diverse learning environments
  • Separate gymnasium and common space for school and community use
  • Purpose built to support STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) focused learning and programming
  • Improves safety and security by greatly reducing the number of entry points to the school
  • Provides a safe and secure location by being located off of main roads
  • Upgraded parking, bus pickup/drop off, and improved ingress and egress
  • New play fields
  • Projected Start Date: June 2025
  • Cost: $82,709,609

Contact Us for 2024 Bond Information

For any inquiries regarding the 2024 Bond, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call the NKSD Business Office at (360) 396-3010 for further information.