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Fall 2019 Summer Capital Project Update

Fall 2019 Summer Capital Project Update

During the summer of 2019, significant capital improvements took place across the district, enabled by the 2018 Capital Projects Levy. Kingston Middle School was a central focus of these improvements, with a comprehensive HVAC system replacement and upgrades to the school's plumbing and electrical wiring. The implementation of new access control systems further ensured the security of the students and staff.

At Pearson Elementary, critical maintenance work was undertaken, including recoating of the roof, thereby extending its lifespan and ensuring a safer environment for students. Additionally, projects spanning the district addressed necessary upgrades and improvements. These ranged from sidewalk repairs and ADA improvements to bolster accessibility, to technology upgrades at Kingston Middle School, and security enhancements in various schools. The latter encompassed the installation of CCTV cameras and access control systems, which play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment. The total expenditures for these crucial projects were around $3.8 million.

Capital Projects Summer 2019 School Board Update