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Fall 2020 Capital Projects Update

Fall 2020 Capital Projects Update

The Fall 2020 Capital Projects update indicates a busy summer across the district with critical improvements and upgrades accomplished. The work, enabled by the 2018 Capital Projects Levy, saw nearly $7 million spent on various projects to enhance the learning environment and safety of the students and staff.

The district's schools saw a range of critical repairs and safety upgrades, including lighting upgrades, turf replacements, and HVAC replacements at Poulsbo Middle School. ADA accessibility was also enhanced at various locations. To ensure a technologically adept learning environment, over $500,000 was spent on technology upgrades, including the procurement of new laptops for students and staff. Infrastructure for improved internet bandwidth was laid in the form of dark fiber across the district, in preparation for the 1:1 devices program in 2021.

Security upgrades were an important part of the projects completed over the summer, with new access controls installed at Kingston High School and North Kitsap High School. Other site-specific projects included roof and chiller piping replacements at North Kitsap High School, parking lot lighting installations, and portable demo and ramps at Richard Gordon Elementary School, among others. All these enhancements underline the district's commitment to continually improve facilities and safety across all its campuses.

Summer 2020 Capital Projects Presentation