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Fall 2022 Capital Projects Update

Fall 2022 Capital Projects Update

This year, we are proud to announce the successful completion of 13 capital projects, totaling over $8 million in investments. These projects consisted of 60 work packages, with a significant focus on Critical Repairs and Safety Upgrades, accounting for 92% of the completed work. The remaining 8% was dedicated to vital Security Upgrades. These achievements mark the fourth year since the establishment of the 2018 Capital Projects Levy, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the learning environment for our students.

Among the key projects completed this summer were the HVAC replacement at Vinland Elementary School, turf replacement at Strawberry Field, and crucial security upgrades at KMS. Additionally, ongoing track and field improvements at both KHS and KMS have been undertaken to provide better facilities for our students.

While we celebrate our progress, we recognize that the pandemic's lingering effects on commerce continue to present challenges. Notable inflation, permit acquisition delays, supply chain disruptions, and construction labor shortages impact our plans for future projects. In response, we are committed to adapting our approach by reprioritizing projects, reconfiguring bid packages, and making necessary deferrals to ensure the success of our endeavors in the face of these unprecedented circumstances. Together, as a community, we remain dedicated to providing the best learning environment for our students and fostering continued growth and development within the North Kitsap School District.

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