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Puget Sound Energy Grants to NKSD

Puget Sound Energy Grants to NKSD

Under our Capital Projects program, we have recently implemented energy efficiency upgrades in several schools, including Kingston Middle School, David Wolfle Elementary, and Richard Gordon Elementary. These schools now boast energy-efficient HVAC systems, and together with Vinland Elementary, they have seen their lighting systems replaced with LED alternatives. These enhancements align with the criteria for various Puget Sound Energy grants.

The estimated energy savings from these upgrades could potentially yield up to $90,000 annually in grant money from Puget Sound Energy for NKSD. Over a five-year period, this could result in close to half a million dollars in grant funding from PSE. Additionally, we anticipate annual energy savings of approximately 1 million kilowatt-hours, which equates to savings of roughly $75,000 per year.

Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving an initial grant payment of $77,284 from Richard Perlot of Puget Sound Energy. This payment recognizes the completed work at Kingston Middle School, Vinland Elementary, and Wolfle Elementary. Richard Gordon Elementary is nearing the completion of its HVAC upgrade, and we are looking forward to an additional grant payment of around $71,000 upon its completion.

The grant payments received will significantly contribute to our ongoing Capital Projects initiatives, bolstering our commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability.