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Spring 2019 Capital Projects Update

Spring 2019 Capital Projects Update

In the Spring 2019 capital projects update, a range of exciting plans were set out for the upcoming summer. The emphasis was on security upgrades, critical repairs, safety upgrades, and technology improvements to provide enhanced facilities for the students and staff. For security upgrades, an estimated budget of around $440,500 was allotted. The main elements of this project were access control installations at Kingston and Poulsbo Middle Schools, alongside CCTV camera installations at multiple schools across the district, including Kingston High School and North Kitsap High School.

For critical repairs and safety upgrades, a budget of approximately $4.1 million was proposed. The Kingston Middle School HVAC replacement was the largest ticket item, expected to cost $3 million. Other significant projects included a portable replacement at Poulsbo Elementary School, a chiller replacement at North Kitsap High School, and roof recoating at Hilder Pearson Elementary. Also, there was an emphasis on accessibility with ADA ramps planned for Poulsbo Middle School and Suquamish Elementary. Furthermore, technology replacement and upgrades were planned at Kingston Middle School with a budget of $137,500. All these initiatives marked a proactive strategy to improve the district's learning environment, safety standards, and infrastructure.

Summer 2019 Capital Projects Proposed Plan