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Spring 2021 Capital Projects Update

Spring 2021 Capital Projects Update

The Spring 2021 Capital Projects update for the summer of 2021 highlighted a variety of planned initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving the school district's facilities. Key projects include significant upgrades to aging HVAC systems in several schools, including Vinland and Gordon Elementary Schools and Wolfle Elementary School, which are all operating beyond their 20-year design life. Similarly, lighting systems in Vinland, Gordon, Wolfle Elementary Schools and Kingston Middle School, which were converted from T12 to T8 around 13 years ago, are set for replacement with energy-efficient LED fixtures, expected to reduce energy usage by an average of 20%.

In addition, a series of infrastructural repairs and replacements are in the pipeline. These include roof and gutter repairs across miscellaneous schools, hot water tank replacements at both Wolfle Elementary School and Kingston Middle School, and important safety enhancements like a new directional antenna system at Kingston High School and an emergency responder radio communication system. The school district is also looking towards sustainability with proposed additions of solar panels at various locations and backup power generators to ensure continuity of critical infrastructure systems during power outages. Moreover, the school district is taking strides in enhancing campus security with the fourth phase of a multi-year security improvement program, which involves the installment of CCTV cameras and improved access control across various schools.

Summer 2021 Capital Projects Proposed Plan