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Tier One, Tier Two, Tier Three Update

Tier One, Tier Two, Tier Three Update

Below you can view the updated priority tiers for capital improvements.  The original tiers were presented to stakeholders during the 2018 Levy communications.  

 TIER 1 - UPDATED September 2018
HVAC with Updated Control Panels (Wolfle, Gordon, Vinland,
Kingston Middle, Poulsbo Middle - mechanical retrofits, Breidablik*)
$9.8 million
Roof Replacement/Repair (Gordon, Pearson, NKHS, Vinland, Wolfle, PAL, Support Center, Breidablik*)
Poulsbo Elementary, Suquamish Elementary, Poulsbo Middle School COMPLETE!
$4.5 million
$1 Million Spent
Safety and Security Upgrades - based on March 2018 commitments
Access control system (proximity card entry, lockdown capabilities, video buzzer access), Secure entry points, Infrastructure
Elementary Schools - Video secure access installed, Gordon and Vinland secure entrance COMPLETE!
$1.2 million
$250,000 Spent
Technology Upgrades - all sites
Over 2,500 new devices for student use at all campuses, Future-proofing network infrastructure upgrades COMPLETE!
$4.5 million
$1 million Spent
Vinland Elementary - sewer hook up. Project COMPLETE! $550,000 
$550,000 spent
NKHS Gym HVAC $195,000
ADA repairs at NKHS and KHS - Design Work Started $127,000
Poulsbo Middle School safety rail on rooftop unit 10  $50,000
 TOTAL:  (Estimated costs based on 2017 estimates plus
adjustments for inflation.  2018 elections collect taxes in 2019)
$20 million
 Total Spent Summer 2018 $2.8 million

*Breidablik HVAC and roof replacement is dependent upon several factors, including facility condition assessment and class size funding. 

 TIER 2 - UPDATED September 2018
Turf Replacement (KHS, NKHS, Strawberry Field)
$3.9 million
$440,000 Spent
Fire Alarm System - all schools
(moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2)
$3.7 million
Technology Infrastructure - all sites $2.6 million
Field Improvements (NKHS, KHS, Poulsbo Middle, Kingston Middle) 
NKHS Varsity Baseball Field COMPLETE
$1.9 million
$215,000 Spent 
Parking Lots and Traffic Pattern Improvements $1.3 million
Intercom System Upgrade - all sites
(moved from tier 1 to tier 2)
$1.2 million
Pool and Auditorium Upgrades  $950,000 
Portable Replacements (NKHS, Poulsbo Middle, Suquamish, Gordon) $853,000 
Playgrounds at all elementary schools
Suquamish Elementary in Progress
$150,000 at completion
Portable Ramps (Gordon, Vinland, NKHS, PMS)  $175,000
Walk-in Cooler at Poulsbo Middle for Food and Nutrition Services cold storage  Project Complete $45,000 spent
TOTAL:  (Estimated costs based on 2017 estimates plus
adjustments for inflation.  2018 elections collect taxes in 2019)
$19.8 million 
 Total Spent Summer 2018 $635,000

Tier 1 and 2 needs equal $40 million dollars.

TIER 3 - UPDATED September 2018
Design drawing package for future modernization projects  $2 million
Repair, sealcoat tracks at NKHS, KHS, Poulsbo Middle and Kingston 
Electronic Signs (reader boards ) - All elementary and middle schools  $394,000 
Transportation wash system and vehicle hoist $390,000 
Grounds Equipment $364,000
Hydraulic Bleachers at Kingston Middle School $325,000
Exterior Bleachers - all sites  $209,000
Parking lot lighting upgrades $112,600
Repair, sealcoat tennis courts at NKHS and KHS  $87,000
Stairs and railing at Pearson Elementary $24,000
Washer for NKHS Athletics  $20,000
Roll-up window replacement at Wolfle  $15,000

How were these funding priorities and amounts decided?

  • ‚ÄčA Community Facilities Advisory Committee met for nearly two months, reviewed the district needs, and provided their recommendation based on professional analysis.  The committee recommended a $40 million capital levy and identified all needs as critical.  The committee also recommended a full Facilities Condition Assessment be completed.
  • District Personnel provided the tiered ranking of projects to provide clarity around most urgent need
  • Projects may be re-prioritized pending the full Facilities Condition Assessment and/or emergent issues.
  • Facilities Condition Assessment and Community Facilities Advisory Committee will provide ongoing guidance for spending capital levy dollars.