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North Kitsap School District

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ParentSquare is a comprehensive communication platform employed by the North Kitsap School District to facilitate consistent contact with families for regular updates and emergencies. This service allows the district to distribute announcements, news, and emergency notifications via email, text messages, and phone calls.

Designed to streamline communication between schools, districts, and families, ParentSquare consolidates various communication methods into a single, user-friendly platform. It enables schools to share information and engage in two-way communication with parents and school staff.

Beyond its primary messaging functions, ParentSquare also provides tools for organizing events, managing volunteers, and sharing documents. As a versatile solution, it helps schools and districts communicate effectively with families. The platform's mobile app and website ensure that parents can conveniently access vital information and remain connected with the school community, no matter where they are.

Jenn Markaryan

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Jenn Markaryan
Communications and Community Relations Coordinator
(360) 396-3004