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ParentSquare for Staff

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In our continuous effort to bolster family engagement and elevate school-home communication within the North Kitsap School District, we've integrated ParentSquare, a comprehensive communication platform. Designed to centralize district, school, and classroom communications, ParentSquare ensures that every important message reaches its intended recipient efficiently.

For our teachers and staff, ParentSquare offers an array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. From direct messaging and appointment setups to multilingual support, it simplifies interactions while catering to our district's rich cultural tapestry. Accessible through both its mobile app and desktop interface, this tool allows for real-time updates, event scheduling, and more, ensuring you remain connected with the broader NKSD community.

As valuable members of the North Kitsap School District, your participation and utilization of ParentSquare will be instrumental in fostering a cohesive, informed, and collaborative environment. Let's leverage this platform to its fullest potential, strengthening our ties and enhancing our communication processes.

Jenn Markaryan

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Communications and Community Relations Coordinator
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