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Early Childhood Education Programs

The North Kitsap School District's Early Childhood Education Programs offer a team-based approach to meet the unique needs of each child by implementing proven developmental practices, pursuing innovation and continuous improvement, and working collaboratively with families. The program offers services for Birth to Three, Beginning Together Preschool Program, Head Start, and Kindergarten, including special education services for young children with various educational needs. The program aims to provide a strong foundation for academic, social, and life-long achievement for all children.


The North Kitsap School District's Early Childhood Education Programs strongly believes in working closely with families to address the distinctive requirements of every child. With a focus on using well-established developmental practices, promoting innovative ideas, and continuously improving the program, we strive to ensure the success of each child.

Program Staff

The North Kitsap School District's Early Childhood Education Programs are built on the firm belief that early childhood education is the cornerstone of academic, social, and lifelong achievement. Our program adopts a team-based approach to meet the diverse needs of each child. Teachers and parents work collaboratively and are at the center of each team, supported by administrators, counselors, instructional support teachers, nurses, psychologists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, and instructional assistants. In the event of any challenges with a child's progress or development, the child's teacher and other team members will convene to create a customized plan for the child's success.

Special Education

Special education services are available to young children who require them based on educational needs in areas such as cognitive, communication, fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional, and adaptive skills. In addition to these needs, children with other specific disabilities may also qualify for the program. Progress monitoring on IEP goals is carried out for all enrolled students, and the federally required Early Childhood Outcomes Project includes assessments for all students in the special education preschool program. An exit assessment is also conducted for students who remain in the program for at least six months.

Program Structure

Parents residing in the North Kitsap School District can schedule a monthly Childfind screening appointment for their child. For more information, they can contact Anita Lemieux, the Early Childhood Coordinator, at (360) 396-3869 or via email. For children under the age of 3, parents can contact Holly Ridge Center at (360) 373-2536 to inquire about assessment and services. The Childfind program is committed to providing families with the support and services they need to ensure that every child has access to the resources they need to succeed.

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