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Responsible Use Agreement


Responsible Use Agreement for District Technology Assets

Dear Parents or Guardians,

This permission form provides a process for students of North Kitsap School District (NKSD) to use school district-owned technology resources both on and off school district premises.

NKSD’s focus is to support student achievement through innovative, mobile, flexible, and responsive technology that empowers learning to extend beyond the classroom. Providing students with a take-home device will enable them to access digital curriculum; learn, share, collaborate, communicate, create, and problem-solve; and to take ownership of their learning. We believe that by providing students the tools to facilitate innovative and connected learning, it will empower student success, and enable them to be proficient in our increasingly digital world.

With added opportunities brings increased responsibilities, and NKSD has established procedures and rules regulating the use of district technology resources. Your child(ren) will be required to practice responsible technology and abide by all NKSD policies and procedures related to Acceptable Use Guidelines/Internet Safety Requirements (located here) as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Although NKSD does utilize an Internet filtering system to restrict access to inappropriate or non-educational content, the district cannot guarantee that students cannot intentionally or unintentionally access content that may be deemed unacceptable. Technology devices are on loan to students and remain the property of NKSD, and all activity on district-owned devices is monitored, logged, and archived, and may be reviewed at any time. Device usage must support education at all times, and usage of district devices for personal, commercial, or political purposes is prohibited. Rules and guidelines are continually in effect, for all district devices, whether on or off campus.

Technology Help for students’ user account, and district-owned tech equipment is available from the NKSD Technology Department during weekday business hours, 8:00AM to 3:30 PM, by calling (360)396-3953. You can also submit a TSR (Technology Service Request) at any time by visiting

Responsible Use Agreement:

I, _____________________, a Parent or Guardian of a North Kitsap School District student, understand and agree that a district technology device will be issued to my child to support their learning. I acknowledge that I have read, and agree to, this Responsible Use Agreement, as well as the district’s Acceptable Use Guidelines/Internet Safety Requirements (located here: ). I give my permission for my child to be issued a district-owned technology device that will be used to access digital educational programs, services, and applications. I agree to accept responsibility for protecting the assigned district equipment from loss, damage, or theft; and should damage or loss occur, I agree to report it to the NKSD Technology Department and/or my child’s Principal no later than the next school day. I acknowledge that abuse, misuse, or malicious behavior may result in a discussion related to repair or replacement of damaged equipment entrusted to me, and payment to the district may be required for such repair or replacement. I agree that should my child fail to honor the terms of this agreement, access to technology devices, the Internet, and digital educational programs and services may be suspended or denied as a result, and may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the NKSD student handbook.

By accepting this district technology device, I agree to abide by these guidelines and understand that I may be subject to the cost of repair or replacement of this device.