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David Wolfle Elementary School Bus Routes

David Wolfle Elementary Master Bus Schedule

Should you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (360) 396-3099.

Book Bus Route

The Book Bus Route travels through various locations including Twin Spits Road, Hood Canal Drive, Aspen Way, and Bridge View Drive, ultimately ending at Wolfle Elementary School.

Physics Bus Route

The Physics Bus Route includes stops along Hood Canal Drive, Boston Lane, and various locations on Little Boston Road, before concluding at Wolfle Elementary.

Bus 49 - Wolfle Ruler

The Ruler Bus Route starts from Kingston Middle School and passes through various points such as NE Hazelnut Way, Stottlemeyer Rd, and Sawdust Hill Rd, before reaching Wolfle Elementary School.

Computer Bus Route

The Computer Bus Route covers stops along Port Gamble Road, Bond Rd, and Border Way, concluding at Wolfle Elementary.

Alphabet Bus Route

The Wolfle Alphabet Bus Route covers stops at Wolfle Elementary, Little Boston Road, Tribal Center, 288th Street, Resource Ridge Ave, and Gamble Bay Road before returning to Kingston Base.