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North Kitsap School District

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Hilder Pearson Elementary School Bus Routes

Hilder Pearson Elementary Master Bus Schedule

Should you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (360) 396-3099.

Alphabet Bus Route

The Zebra Bus Route goes through various locations including NE State Highway 308, Brownsville Highway, and South Keyport Road before reaching Pearson Elementary School. The route also includes stops at Washington Avenue, NE Pacific Avenue, and Elwha Terrace among others.

Alphabet Bus Route

The Penguin Bus Route covers a series of stops going through Sherman Hill Road, Hallman Road, Scandia Road NW, Old Military Road NE, and Central Valley Rd among others.

Alphabet Bus Route

The Elephant Bus Route navigates through various neighborhoods, making stops along Thresher Avenue, Grayback Drive, Alabama Court, and Sam Houston Drive, before concluding at Pearson Elementary.

Alphabet Bus Route

The Dinosaur Bus Route starts at NKHS tech loop, moves through Viking Way NW, Crestview Circle NW, and Bennington Drive, among other roads, before reaching Pearson Elementary.