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Bringing Literature and Learning to Life at Richard Gordon Elementary

Bringing Literature and Learning to Life at Richard Gordon Elementary

This April, the North Kitsap School District celebrates National School Library Month by highlighting the remarkable Library Media Specialists who enrich our schools.

Bringing Literature and Learning to Life at Richard Gordon Elementary

Since 2018, Nadejda Taylor has been the guiding force behind the library at Richard Gordon Elementary, enriching students' lives through literature and innovative learning experiences. A proud North Kitsap mom and educator since 2014, Ms. Taylor is a proud North Kitsap mom and has been an educator since 2014. During the COVID pandemic, she even dedicated a year to teaching math. The words of a 6-year-old student beautifully sum up Taylor's educational philosophy: "My teacher thought I was smarter than I was, so I was."

 A Library Beyond Books

During Ms. Taylor's leadership, the Richard Gordon Library has transformed into a vibrant center of activities that promote a passion for reading and encourage curious minds. Here's a sneak peek into the library's world of creativity and exploration that Taylor and his team offer:

  • Read and Rise: The library encourages students to dive into the world of books and serves as a quiet corner for explorers keen to embark on their next reading adventure.
  • Reading Challenges: With engaging themes and exciting rewards, these challenges motivate students to set and achieve personal reading goals, fostering a competitive yet supportive reading culture.
  • Book Talks: Ms. Taylor leads captivating discussions, encouraging students to share their thoughts and delve deeper into their favorite stories.
  • MakerSpace Initiative: This space fosters creativity by merging art, science, and technology to inspire students' imaginations and encourage hands-on learning.
  • STEAM Nights: A testament to the library's role in integrating learning with fun, these events invite families to explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics together.
  • A Monumental Achievement: The highlight of 2024 has been the completion of a student-written book about Richard Gordon, the astronaut who lends his name to the school. This project celebrates the school's namesake and showcases the students' abilities to research, collaborate, and create.

 A Vision for the Future

Nadejda Taylor's vision extends far beyond just managing a library. It's about creating a community of curious, confident, and inspired learners to achieve their dreams. Her dedication not only honors the legacy of Richard Gordon but also ensures that the library remains a beacon of innovation and joy in learning.