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Fostering Growth and Adventure at David Wolfle Elementary

Fostering Growth and Adventure at David Wolfle Elementary

This April, the North Kitsap School District celebrates National School Library Month by highlighting the remarkable Library Media Specialists who enrich our schools.

Fostering Growth and Adventure at David Wolfle Elementary

Over the last five years, Mayra Gaal has been an active and enthusiastic member of our District. She has served as a Library Media Specialist at David Wolfle Elementary for four years. Gaal believes that books have the power to take students on incredible journeys, igniting her love for helping students grow and develop.

Beyond the Pages: A Library of Life Skills

Ms. Gaal's approach to education is refreshing as it goes beyond instilling a love for reading. She focuses on preparing students to confidently and respectfully navigate the world. Below are some examples of the enriching and innovative experiences she offers at the Wolfle Library:

  • A Genre for Every Reader: By exposing students to various genres, Ms. Gaal caters to diverse interests, encourages exploration, and unlocks new worlds.
  • Crafting Citizens for Tomorrow: The library's mission extends beyond literacy to shaping respectful and savvy citizens in the digital and real world. Students learn to navigate wisely online and offline by engaging in stories and activities.
  • Partnership for Growth: Collaborating with the school counselor, Gaal teaches students essential life skills through reading and helps them develop their social and emotional intelligence.
  • Family and Fun: When not leading her library adventurers, Mrs. Gaal spends quality time with her family and husky Kiva, balancing professional dedication with personal joy.

A Call to Adventure

Under Ms. Gaal's leadership, the David Wolfle Elementary library has transformed from a mere collection of books into a launchpad for personal growth, discovery, and adventure. Her dedication to her students' academic and emotional development goes beyond just a job; it's a calling. Her various initiatives and activities are a testament to her significant impact on their lives.