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It's for the Bees!

It's for the Bees!
Hilder Pearson Elementary's Anchored 4 Life Club Launches Community Pollinator Corridor Project in Poulsbo 
In an inspiring collaboration between young students and local organizations, the Anchored 4 Life Club (#A4LClub) from Hilder Pearson Elementary School in Poulsbo, Washington, is leading a community-driven initiative to establish a pollinator corridor in the Poulsbo area. This effort sees active participation from students in grades 3 through 5, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to environmental stewardship and community service.
The A4LClub, a student leadership organization sponsored by the United States Navy and supported by Academic Advisors from Pearson Elementary, has joined forces with Jeff Ozimek and Rachel Cornette of the City of Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Department, and members of the Poulsbo Rotary Community Committee. Their inaugural project involves installing mason bee houses and developing landscapes with flowering indigenous plants at the American Legion Park in downtown Poulsbo, supplemented with informational plaques about the initiative.
Wednesday, the club installed plants, mason bee houses, and mason bees at the park. Students tended to the soil, adding compost and nutrients, selected native plants, and carefully placed bee houses, tubes for nesting, and mason bees.
Students have played a critical role in this volunteer project from its conception through to the procurement of materials and the planning of landscapes. Their dedication to enhancing local biodiversity and educating the community on the importance of pollinators is commendable.
Dave Hunter of Crown Bees in Woodinville, a Rotarian, veteran, and bee expert, has significantly contributed by supplying materials and knowledge. In collaboration with Cornell University, Hunter has developed an educational curriculum to raise awareness about pollinators. Working alongside A4LClub leaders and Principal Frick, he is instrumental in developing an ongoing instructional program at Pearson Elementary School focused on bees, their habitats, and biology.
The support for this initiative extends beyond the school, with local vendors also contributing to the cause, showcasing the Poulsbo community's strong spirit of cooperation and environmental responsibility. "We are incredibly proud of our students for taking the initiative to lead such an impactful project," said Principal Craig Frick. "Their dedication to making a positive change in our community while learning about environmental conservation is truly inspiring. Kids do amazing things."
This project not only aims to create a more pollinator-friendly environment but also to foster a sense of community and civic responsibility among the young leaders of tomorrow.
getting plants out of a truck
Student opening a compost bag
students digging holes to plant plants
Students and an adult selecting a plant
Student separating roots on a plant before planting it.
Adult and student preparing to plant a bush
Student installing a bee house
Students and adult adding nesting tubes to a bee house
An adult and a student adding mason bees to a tray
group photo