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NKSD Announces Calendar Changes for 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 School Years

NKSD Announces Calendar Changes for 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 School Years

The North Kitsap School District (NKSD) Calendar Committee, composed of representatives from the North Kitsap Education Association (NKEA), North Kitsap School Administrators Association (NKSAA), and Public School Employees of Washington (PSE), has recently announced significant changes to the academic calendar for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. The committee's efforts aimed to better align NKSD's spring break with those of neighboring districts. After thorough discussions, the school board approved the committee's proposed changes during their May 23, 2024 meeting.

Key Changes to the 2024-2025 School Calendar

Spring Conferences:
The spring conferences have been rescheduled for April 2-4, 2025. This adjustment will provide a more convenient timeframe for parents and teachers to discuss student progress.
Spring Break:
Spring break will now occur from April 7-11, 2025. This change ensures that NKSD's break aligns with those of nearby districts, facilitating better coordination for families with children in different schools and fostering community consistency.
Inclement Weather Makeup Day:
April 18 and May 30 have been designated as potential makeup days for inclement weather, providing flexibility in the academic schedule in case of unexpected closures due to weather conditions.


Special Considerations for Kindergarten Families

In the 2024-2025 school year, NKSD will reintroduce the Family Connections feature of WAkids. This initiative aims to create a warm and supportive transition for kindergarten families. Kindergarten families will have individual sessions with their child's teacher during the first three days of the school year. This personalized approach helps build strong connections between families and the school community.

Kindergarten Start Date:
Kindergarten students will have their first official school day on Tuesday, September 3, 2024, separate from grades 1-12. This staggered start date allows kindergarten students and their families to acclimate to the K-12 system in a more focused and supportive environment.

Accessing the Revised Calendars

Parents, students, and staff can download the revised 2024-2025 School Calendar and the approved 2025-2026 School Calendar from the NKSD website at These changes reflect the district's commitment to providing a well-structured and family-friendly academic schedule.


For any further inquiries or additional information, please get in touch with the NKSD administrative office.