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North Kitsap School Board Appoints Edward Wright to Director District 1

North Kitsap School Board Appoints Edward Wright to Director District 1

The North Kitsap School Board appointed Edward Wright to Director District 1 in a special meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Edward will be sworn in at the regular school board meeting on May 23, 2024.

Edward Wright is a seasoned leader with a community service, education, and emergency response background. He is a consultant and instructor in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs across multiple districts and an adjunct fire science instructor. With extensive experience in firefighting and EMS, including volunteer service with the Poulsbo Fire Department, Edward also designs public safety training programs globally, emphasizing the importance of education in challenging environments. 

Edward shared, “I look forward to serving the community in this role. I believe that each student should have the opportunity to learn and succeed in their own unique way, and I look forward to ensuring that every child is afforded that opportunity.” 

“Edward Wright will bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to our school board. His background in community leadership will bring a well-rounded perspective that keeps our student’s safety and success at the forefront,” Mike Desmond, School Board President, stated.

Edward will serve as Director of District 1, replacing former school board director Rick Eckert's vacated seat until the next regular school board election in November 2025. At that time, voters will elect a director to serve a new 4-year term through November 2029.

The school board followed the process for filling a vacant position outlined in Board Policy 1114. Per the policy, the board advertised and welcomed applications from interested residents reviewed the applications and conducted interviews at the special meeting before making the selection. The board thanks all applicants for volunteering to serve their community in this important role.