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2022 - 2023 Goals

Introduction and Context

This year, my identified goals are centered on continuing forward with the foundation laid in the 2021-2022 academic year. Aside from Goal One, which is a perpetual need for Superintendent focus, the other two goals center on achieving identified metrics and goals in the Strategic Plan. These goals are ambitious, and audacious. They are necessary. While complete attainment of all three goals will be very difficult, part of this process is to chart the course to drive improvement through the system. It is my belief that these identified goals will do just that.

Goals – Structure of Goals and Indicators

  • Goals can be both aspirational and attainable. My hope is that these goals will inspire our organization to stretch itself to best serve our learners. At the same time, goals must be pragmatic and measurable. In order to balance the need for goals to be aspirational and measurable, it is important to draw out and make public the roadmap that will drive progress towards the stated goals. As such, I am providing metrics and action items for each goal.
  • Metrics are the measures that will indicate that the goal has been attained and/or that progress has been made. These are observable, documentable, or otherwise clearly identified indicators of progress.
  • Action Items are the specific steps that will be taken this year towards attaining the goal.