COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

Testing allows people to take precautions, like isolation, in a timely manner to stop the virus from spreading. Timely testing of symptomatic students, children and staff helps reduce lost days of in-person instruction and child care. Schools can ensure direct access to diagnostic testing or provide information on where to find testing.

In North Kitsap School District, the following options are available for staff and students:

  • Voluntary diagnostic testing in school for students/staff who develop symptoms at schools, with parent/guardian permission.
  • At-Home testing kits are available for diagnostic testing at home.
  • At-home testing kits will be available for monthly distribution to students/staff.
  • Households in Washington State can get at-home tests from retail stores or the
    Say Yes! COVID Test program. Most insurance covers the costs of up to 8 at home tests per individual per month.
  • Families can access COVID-19 testing at community testing locations around Washington State. For locations visit Testing Locations or call the DOH Hotline at 833-829-4357.
  • Medical providers and clinics: Families may be able to access COVID-19 testing through their medical provider or local health clinic.

Diagnostic Testing at school with parent/guardian permission

Parents may consent for diagnostic testing at school in Skyward Family Access. Click the Online Forms button and Choose COVID Tst/Tst to Stay.

This option will only be used to conduct an antigen test at school if your student develops symptoms at school, with parent/guardian permission.

*Please note, the Test to Stay in school option is no longer available.

View the instructions for filling out the form.

At-Home covid-19 testing kits

If your student develops COVID-19 symptoms at school, you are encouraged to test your student at home and report any positive results to your school. Antigen tests for at-home use will be available at each school for pick-up if your student has developed symptoms. Additionally, schools will provide tests to distribute to all students each month for at-home use.

Staff and families need to continue reporting COVID-19 positive cases. Report a COVID-19 positive case using the instructions below.

Reporting a positive COVID-19 Case

Once an antigen test shows a COVID-19 positive result, visit to complete the form. The form will require a gmail sign-in.

  • Use your student's account to complete the form. (If a student is signed into their Chromebook, it will automatically log into the form) -OR-
  •  Use a personal Gmail account to log into the form.

 Complete the form and upload the photo of the positive test. The document will be sent to the school COVID-19 Administrator and John Waller, District COVID-19 Coordinator.